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Gilbert Lodge
Since 2004


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                  Gilbert Lodge Blog
         The life and times of Mark and Paula Persons
              1554 stories and counting from
Brainerd, MN, USA 
       Member of the
Gilbert lake Association

Museum of Broadcasting

The Stories...Just click on the links below to find out what we have been up to.  Sometimes we even surprise ourselves! 

         May 14, 2016:   More Watercraft and People on Gilbert lake
           May 7, 2016:   Lunch and a Trip Up the North Shore
           May 7, 2016:   Sunrise over Lake Superior
           May 6, 2016:   Night Life in Duluth, Minnesota
           May 6, 2016:   Train Ride at Duluth, Minnesota
           May 2, 2016:   Spring Flowers
           May 2, 2016:   Bowling for Charity
        April 25, 2016:   Cocoa Wants to Pay Ball
        April 17, 2016:   Legacy Chorale Music Concert
        April 15, 2016:   38th Wedding Anniversary for Mark and Paula
        April 12, 2016:   Mark's 69th Birthday
        April 10, 2016:   A Sherlock Holmes Mystery at the Pavek Museum of Broadcasting
          April 9, 2016:   A Live Radio Play on KAXE Radio
          April 8, 2016:   Spring Snow
          April 3, 2016:   Trap and Skeet Shooting at the Lakeshore Rod and Gun Club
          April 2, 2016:   Mark Twain by Don Shelby
          April 2, 2016:   New Market in Little Falls, Minnesota
          April 1, 2016:   Smell-O-Vision Invented
      March 27, 2016:   Easter at Gilbert Lodge and Ice out at Gilbert Lake
      March 26, 2016:   Easter Egg Hunt at Lum Park
      March 17, 2016:   St. Patrick's Day
      March 12, 2016:   Weekend in Minneapolis
        March 7, 2016:   New Carpeting Installed in the Office
        March 6, 2016:   Kite Crossing on Mille Lacs Lake
        March 5, 2016:   Polar Plunge at Breezy Point
  February 26, 2016:   Frozen Flop Charity Fund Raiser on Gull Lake
  February 20, 2016:   Fishing Contest on Mille Lacs Lake
  February 14, 2016:   Winter around the Lodge
    February 6, 2016:   Brainerd JC's $150,000 Fishing Extravaganza
    January 30, 2016:   Gilbert Lake in Winter
    January 26, 2016:   Tiny Houses
    January 22, 2016:   A Tribute to the Carpenters at CLC
    January 15, 2016:   The Mystery Diners Try Out Joe's Crab Shack
    January 14, 2016:   Homeward Bound on I-35
    January 13, 2016:   San Antonio River Walk
    January 12, 2016:   Tower Of The Americas
    January 11, 2016:   The Alamo
    January 10, 2016:   Saga Light Show at San Antonio
    January 10, 2016:   More to see in the San Antonio Area
     January 9, 2016:   Cruising to San Antonio, Texas
     January 8, 2016:   A Very Popular Restaurant near Driftwood, Texas
     January 8, 2016:   The Commemorative Air Force at San Marcos, Texas
     January 8, 2016:   A Legend in The Lone Star State
     January 7, 2016:   Night Life at Fredericksburg, Texas
     January 7, 2016:   National Museum of the Pacific War
     January 7, 2016:   The LBJ Ranch
     January 6, 2016:   An Interesting Stopover at Fredericksburg, Texas
     January 5, 2016:   Next Stop...Austin, Texas
     January 4, 2016:   Kansas is Next on the List to Visit
     January 3, 2016:   Headed South for New Sights
     January 1, 2016:   Hockey at the Essentia Health Sports Center in Brainerd

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Gilbert Lodge is a Prairie Style building inspired by the works of Architect Frank Lloyd Wright.  Prairie has long horizontal lines and beautiful woodwork on the interior.  Gilbert Lodge is on the south side of Gilbert Lake, which is on the north side of Brainerd, MN.  The business is on the ground level floor with living quarters on on the upper floor.

View from the lake side.  A screened Minnesota Room is on the right.  The office is in the center, below the Great Room.  We are a member of the Gilbert Lake Association

Main/Entry Level Floor Plan  Upper Level Floor Plan

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