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Gilbert Lodge
Since 2004


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Tim Gack
President of Solarfire Technologies, LLC. 5/19/14  Details
Garry Persons President of Canfield, Inc. 4/25/13  Details
Jane Ackerman Asst. Front End Manager at Costco 3/21/13  Details
Dave and Jean Schaffer Visited Gilbert Lodge 9/29/12  Details
Dave and Marsha Johnson Visited Gilbert Lodge 8/19/2012  Details
Brainerd Class of 1972 Reunion Committee met at Gilbert Lodge 8/14/2012  Details
Bob McLean COO and GM of Hunt Technologies visited 8/1/2012
Rick Keefer General Manager of KCLV Radio in Clovis, New Mexico, stopped by 6/21/2012 
Tom and Laura Briley visited Gilbert Lodge 12/17/2011  Details
Dave and Jean Schaeffer visited Gilbert Lodge 12/8/2011  Details
Lon Schmidt visited Gilbert Lodge
12/6/2011  Details
Tom Martin, Manager of KKIN Radio in Aitkin, Minnesota.  10/18/2011
John and Nina Heltemes, from KDHL Radio in Faribault, Minnesota.  10/17/2011  Details
Doug Thompson, Radio Broadcast Engineer.  10/06/2011
Dwight and Linda Thiesse, Retired farmers  7/29/2010  Details
Kim Hauglie, Systems Consultant at Marketron  7/18/2010  Details
Dick and Alimae Persons, Oswego, IL.  7/1/2010  Details
Darrold Lingwall and Clara, Garrison, MN.  6/6/2010  Details
Deb Holmes, Elk River, MN.  Director of the National Robotics League.  5/30/2010 

Allen Bailey, Manager of KEYL/KXDL Radio in Long Prairie, MN.  1/22/2010
Jon and Joan Larson
retired from WCCO-TV.  1/22/2010

Meterologist Stu Muck and his wife Jane visited Gilbert Lodge 10/31/09 
Monica Katzenberger
Professional photographer and Web designer.  4/2/09 
Dale Olmstead KC
OTB and Radio Broadcast Man, now retired.  10/29/08 
Leslie Kopstein,
Doctor of Optimology.  9/28/08 
Jim Zastrow AB9BW,
CEO of Zastrow Technical Services 9/3/08 
Jess Meyer N
Corporate Engineer for iHeart Media 6/22/08
Mark Mueller,
Radio Broadcast Engineering Technical Consultant.
August "Gus" Elletson K
EMDS retired from Nott Ltd.  6/14/07
Brian K
EOU and Diane Wermager,
Brainerd, MN.  3/24/07  Details
Jim Offerdahl
Mayor of the City of Fosston, MN. 1/8/07  Details
Paul Bittner
WAIH from Eau Claire, WI.  1/8/07  Details
Andy Hammre
, Air Personality at KUAL Radio in Brainerd, MN. 11/11/06.
Bob Bundgaard
and his wife Carol, broadcast entrapeneurs.
Michael "Bones" Bowden,
EO of Circuitworks in Minneapolis.  http://www.circuitworks-ups.com
David Allan Pundt,
Political candidate and former News Director at KLKS Radio, and his wife Carol. 10/21/06  Details
Douglas Johnson,
Manager of KKOJ/KRAQ Radio in Jackson, MN. http://www.kkoj.com
Richard Eby,
Radio Broadcast Engineer.
Swedish people
(long lost relatives) visit Gilbert Lodge.  7/18/06 Details

Steve Twiselton,
Retired Television Broadcast Engineer.

Darrell Schneider AB
VP, part owner of a gold mine in Canada.
Former U. S. Senator Rod Grams and his wife Chris
12/12/05 Details
Dave Vagle
, Manager of KIKV/KULO Radio in Alexandria, MN.

Kristi Booth, Manager of KBPR/KBPN Radio in Brainerd, and KCRB/KNBJ Radio in Bemidji, MN.
Nancy and Keene Butterworth
, U. S. Navy Retired.  7/9/05  Details
Lieutenant Colonel Shirley Hamilton
, U. S. Air Force Retired. 7/3/05 Details
Laura de Witte
foreign exchange student from Nederland and her parents Theo and Thea de Witte.  5/31/05 Details
Dan Houg KCREX
, Director of Engineering for KAXE Radio in Grand Rapids, MN.
Ingrid Anderson, former owner of the Swedish Timber House at Gull Lake, MN.
Mark "Doc" Young
, Director of Engineering for Town Square Media in St. Cloud, MN.
Sharon Duit, KBSQX
, Pharmaceutical Specialist.
Terry Monroe
, 21st Century Florence Nightingale and retired Director of Nursing at St. Joseph's Medical Center, now Essentia Helath.
Jerry and Cathy Collins
, Radio broadcast station owners and developers.
Wilfred "Bill" Meys K9ZFC
, Corporate Chief Engineer for Quarnstrom Broadcasting
James R. Offerdahl
, Director of Engineering for Pine to Prairie Broadcasting
Jim Duit, KTXT
, Retired vending machine executive.
Jody Crowe,
Executive Director of Rhythm of the Rails
Wallace Christensen,
President and CEO of Christensen Broadcasting
Heartland Symphony
12/4/04 Tour of Homes

Doctor Terry May KI
FW, Cuyuna Regional Medical Center
Marilyn Hanson,
Chief Financial Officer of Hanson Builders
Mary Campbell,
Vice President of Paul Bunyan Broadcasting
Kurt Hanson,
Director of Hanson Inspections

June Persons KC
NGL, Retired broadcasting mogul.
Wes Hanson,
CEO of Hanson Builders
Garry Persons,
President of Canfield, Inc.
Louis "Lou" Buron,
President of Omni Broadcasting
Linda Hanson,
Executive at UBS Financial Services

Randy Aldous
KCEGE, Telephone Systems anc computer Guru
Paul Hunt WB
DAA, Founder of Hunt Technologies and Hunt Utilities Group
Chester Timman and his wife Ione, tycoons in the furnace business.
Jack Scott,
Retired from the Thermostat Division of Honeywell

Jim Barry W
IRE, Executive Director of Bay-Tech

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