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         The life and times of Mark and Paula Persons

April 3, 2009:  Monica Katzenberger visited Gilbert Lodge to teach Mark and Paula some of the fine points of Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.  This extremely versatile computer software application is used for editing photographs and graphics.  Monica's company is Katzenjammer Designs.  She is a professional photographer and does Web design.          

Congratulations to Doug Livingston for being named Brainerd Photographer of the Year.  The honor was bestowed on him by the Focal Point camera club.  Doug said he has snapped photos his entire life.  It wasn't until he took a formal photography class from noted photographer Biff Ulm, that he really blossomed.  That was in 2002 just after he retired and now his full-time job is looking for the perfect scene to photograph. 
April 8, 2009:  Chef Paula is cooking Pacific salmon at the gas grill on the Promenade Deck at Gilbert Lodge.  She said she uses "secret" ingredients, but an investigative reporter discovered that her secret is Old Bay Seasoning.  It was also observed that she added dill and lemon juice.  Hmm!        
On the table in the Grand Dining Room at Gilbert Lodge, the salmon went well with brown rice and peas.  Wild rice can be substituted for the brown rice upon request. 

Chef Paula's food tastes great.  Guests say it is like home cooking.     

The meal was topped off with Paula's famous date-nut bread.     
The historic concrete water tower in downtown Brainerd, MN.  This landmark was built in 1922.  The white object near the top of the photo is a full moon shining over the Northland.    

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