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Gilbert Lodge
Since 2004


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Job Opportunities

Gilbert Lodge is not seeking new employees at this time.  This is our current "
Cast of Characters."
Character Job Description
 Mark Persons
Chief Executive Officer of Gilbert Lodge
Maintenance Supervisor
Chief Electrician
Skipper of the Minnow
Lodge Car Mechanic
Snow Thrower Operator
Chief Operator of the Lodge Ham Station

Webmaster of this site
Lodge Photographer and Historian
 Paula Persons Front Desk Clerk
Chef at Gilbert Lodge
Chief Bottle Washer
Room Maid
Head of the Laundry
First Mate of the Minnow

SCUBA Diver and Underwater Photographer
Gilbert Lodge Chauffeur
Chief Financial Officer
Interior Decorator and Grounds Keeper
 Jim "Jimbo" Barry Gilbert Lodge Bartender

Master Sommelier (Wine procurement, wine cellar keeper, and will provide expert advice to Lodge customers)

 Karen Engen Gilbert Lodge Master Gardener

(click on Karen's photo for a more complete view)

 Nichole Ueke Gilbert Lodge Beautician
 Randy Aldous Gilbert Lodge Information Technology Guru

Randy makes sure all guests get telephone service and first class Internet connectivity. 

Questions, Comments?  Email Mark Persons  teki@mwpersons.com

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