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Since 2004


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Quotes from the building project

Paula Persons:
  This hammer will eventually break if I keep hitting my thumb with it.

Carpenter:  I cut this board off three times and it is still too short. 
Paula Persons:  How come I did as much work as Mark and lost only 5 pounds when he lost 20 pounds?

First carpenter: Half of these nails have the head on the wrong end.  Second carpenter: Silly, those nails are for the other side of the house!!

Mark Persons:  If I paid myself for all the time I put in on the project, I would either be very rich or dead broke.

Mark Persons:  If you are cutting a hole in a ceiling, don't stand below with your mouth open.

Mark Persons:  It will be a cold day when we move in...probably sometime in January.

Jim Herman, Brainerd City Electrical Inspector:  "This is the nicest do-it-yourself electrical wiring project I have ever seen." 


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