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               The Gilbert Lodge Blog from Brainerd, MN, USA

Chef Paula    Rules: Order what you want, eat what you get!

So many guests rave about the cooking at Gilbert Lodge that we needed to publish Chef Paula's secrets

Guests say her cooking, "tastes like home made!" 

She is also the one to ask about etiquette because she is the "First Lady" of Gilbert Lodge.

Favorite saying: "I love to cook with wine....sometimes I even put it in the food."

Chef Paula has a huge oven and no less than two microwave ovens.  Hard to believe she can keep those cooking appliances busy all at once.  Paula does it with ease. 


The Galley and Great Room are setup for entertaining guests.  With Chef Paula cooking, every meal is a memorable occasion. 

Guest Dining Schedule

Question:  What do you do for popovers? 

Answer:  I feed them leftovers.  

Question:  Do you have a breakfast specialty? 

Answer:  Yes, it is Puffy Pancakes.  Details  

Question:  If the turkey I am going to cook at Thanksgiving looks a little scrawney, what should I do? 

Answer:  Stuff some old bread in it to make it look fatter! Details  

Question:  What about romantic dinners? 

Answer: I make Garlic Merlot Sauced Sirloin SteakDetails  

Question:  Should chicken be eaten with the fingers?

Answer:  No, the fingers should be eaten separately.  

Question:  Wht kind of wine would you serve with bratwurst?

Answer:  I'll defer that question to Jimbo, the Gilbert Lodge Bartender and Sommelier. 

Jim "Jimbo" Barry  

I'll Answer that,  The correct beverage to serve with bratwurst is beer.  The same goes when eating pizza!

Guests often ask for an all-American favorite, Macaroni Hot Dish. 
Chef Paula bakes it up in a brightly colored ceramic pot.
Dessert is often fresh strawberries with whipped cream.
Who could ask for more?
Sometimes Chef Paula cooks a Chinese dinner.  After the main course, fortune cookies are served.  Here is the text from some of the cookies served at Gilbert Lodge:

"Help, I am being held captive at a Chinese fortune cookie factory!"
"You are going to meet a beautiful woman. You will give her money.  She is our cashier!" 


January 3, 2010 e-mail:  I have a suggestion for Chef Paula.  If she ever finds some free time and needs something new to do, I suggest she create a cook book of her favorite recipes complete with your photographs.  I think it would be a hit.  Question, how can you eat so well and not weigh 300 pounds?  You must be really physically active during the rest of the day.  Diane from Lake Benton, MN.

Gilbert Lodge serves the Blue Diamond brand of chocolate covered almonds and Arco coffee to guests.

Questions, Comments?  

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