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Since 2004



                 Gilbert Lodge Blog
         The life and times of Mark and Paula Persons

The Stories...Just click on the links below to find out what we have been up to.  Sometimes we even surprise ourselves

Stories from 2003 and before:

December 18, 2003: Santa visits.  Details
December 16, 2003: Floor work.  Details
December 11, 2003: Close to the end.  Details
December 3, 2003: Entry and Paula.  Details
November 26, 2003: Road work and roof.  Details
November 24, 2003: Propane tank delivered.  Details
November 22, 2003: More tower work.  Details
November 17, 2003: Carpentry work.  Details
November 14, 2003: Tower work.  Details
November 7, 2003: Interior colors.  Details
November 3, 2003: Electrical and furnace work.  Details
October 28, 2003: Stucco colors and inside work.  Details
October 24, 2003: Wood floors go in along with bath tiles.  Details
October 10, 2003: The shop window goes in along with entry tiles.  Details
October 2, 2003: The great room ceiling is in and some of the lights come on.  Details
September 26, 2003: Walls sanded and painting begins.  Details
September 17, 2003: Stucco work and utilities.  Details
August 29, 2003: The sheet rocking begins.  Details
August 18, 2003: Electrical runs to the Electrical Room.  Details
August 12, 2003: Electrical OK'd.  Details
July 31, 2003: The work progresses.  Details
July 17, 2003: More work to the outside and in the garage.  Details
July 1, 2003: Windows and chimney added.  Details
June 18, 2003: More work.  Details
June 15, 2003: A view to and from the lake.  Details
June 12, 2003: The electrical work begins.  Details
June 12, 2003: The fireplace is started.  Details
June 11, 2003: The Great Room Ceiling takes shape.  Details
June 7, 2003: The roof boards are on.  Details
May 21, 2003: The second floor goes up.  Details
May 15, 2003: Structural Insulated Panels go in.  Details
May 12, 2003: The carpentry begins  Details
April 8, 2003:  Concrete footings are in.  Details
April 1, 2003:  The digging begins.  Details
March 31, 2003:  Land clearing and staking out the location.  Details
March 18 and April 26, 2003:  Communications tower.  Details
February 24, 2003:  Signed with General Contractor Wes Hanson Builders, Inc.

July 1, 2002:  Engaged the services of Architect Paul M. Hirst to design Gilbert Lodge.
February 11, 2000:  Purchased 280 feet of lakeshore property on the southwest side of Gilbert Lake in Brainerd, MN.


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