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               The Gilbert Lodge Blog from Brainerd, MN, USA

August 18, 2003

Power wiring, for the house, comes out of a ceiling area in the Tech Room.  Mark says, "Now if we can just figure out which wire is which!"

In the process, Mark lost 20 pounds and is now down to 163 pounds.  This electrical work is great exercise.  

(Click on the photo or here for a larger view.) 

August 18, 2003

Paula with the low voltage runs, which include cable TV, alarm system, telephone, and computer networking, which includes broadband Internet.

(Click on the photo or here for a larger view.)     

The Statistics:  

Incoming 200 amp single phase power service is 3/0 copper rated at 225 amperes.  There is more than 1 mile of power cable in the house.  Some 4000 wire staples were individually driven to keep the cable in place.  Power is distributed by nine electrical panels.  

A 200 ampere transfer switch connected to a 22 KW Kohler power generator plant, which automatically takes over in the event of a power outage.  A 3 KW APC uninterruptible power supply keeps computer systems running during the 15 seconds it take for the generator to come online.   

There is more than 3500 feet of category 5E cable used for telephone, security, and 100 Mbps computer networking.

A single point grounding system and Gila Stat static dissipaters protect the facility from lightning damage.    

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