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                 Gilbert Lodge Blog
         The life and times of Mark and Paula Persons

The Stories...Just click on the links below to find out what we have been up to.  Sometimes we even surprise ourselves

Stories from 2006:

December 23, 2006: Christmas at Gilbert LodgeDetails
November 23, 2006: Thanksgiving at Gilbert LodgeDetails
October 31, 2006: Halloween at Gilbert LodgeDetails
October 28, 2006: Pumpkin Carving for HalloweenDetails
October 10, 2006: More wiring at Gilbert LodgeDetails
October 1, 2006: Autumn comes to Gilbert LodgeDetails
August 23, 2006: Another fine day at Gilbert LodgeDetails
July 18, 2006: Foreign VisitorsDetails
April 10, 2006: Spring FeverDetails
March 18, 2006: Live at the Pavek Museum of Broadcasting.  Details
February 5, 2006: Pizza at Gilbert Lodge.  Details
January 28, 2006: Breakfast at Gilbert Lodge.  Details


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