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November 15, 2020:  I came across your “lodge” page while exploring Crestons in the U.S. (I live in Creston, California.)  What a hoot! Such a fun page to explore. Thanks for that break from research. Best, Jennifer at Best Family Farm in Creston, California.

January 5, 2018:  Re: Fishing Extravaganza.  Mark ... a lot of great shots!  Very interesting blog ... job well done.  Thanks, Michele Holmes, Brainerd, Minnesota.

September 6, 2016:  These are some of the very best photos I have ever seen anybody take at the event!  You did a great job!!! Thanks for sharing and doing such a super job!   Wish I could have taken pictures as nice as these!  Mylan in Pipestone, Minnesota.

July 28, 2016: Wow! Thanks! Great Blog.   C. J. Anderson, Pequot Lakes, Minnesota.

April 1, 2016:  Hahaha, I have to respond to your April Fool's joke while I am still laughing out loud.  Your imagination is... really outlandish.  How's that for a descriptive word!?  The Easter Egg Hunt looks charming and fun.  The nicest part may be the visit to the elderly.  That bunny is a true humanitarian.  Karen Engen, Brainerd, Minnesota.

February 19, 2015:  The Blog continues.  Greetings - just wanted to let you know that I am frequently checking the GL Blog.  Stunning photos, witty comments - very nice.  Keep 'em coming Doug Stromberg, Wadena, Minnesota.

February 13, 2014:  Hi Mark, Enjoyed the Blog of your trip to Florida!  What I want to know is, what did your scale say when you got home?  Looks as though you had a great time and met some new friends!  Doesn't get any better than that!  Aloha, Jean Schaeffer in Kona, Hawaii.

November 20, 2014:  Paula is a star.  Just saw you on Lakeland TV -- you looked wonderful!  Chris Grams, Anoka, Minnesota.

June 9, 2014:  Mark, I spent some time this morning looking at your website.  Very nicely done. It makes me want to live on Gilbert Lake :) Deb Holmes, in the Twin Cities.

January 27, 2014:  Mark, Great photos of the fishing contest!  Debbie in Woodland, California.

January 5, 2014:  The Blog photos and stories are great as usualJim in Port Canaveral, Florida.

July 14, 2013:  Mark and Paula, What an impressive website.  I hope we can visit Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Dakotas during our next trip. That's the only part of the U.S. that we have never seen.  From Heidi and me to Paula, yourself and THE CAT (company controller I assume).  Mark, Hugs to your wife!  Jan-Erik in Borga, Finland.  Also see:  http://mwpersons.com/Stations/WVAL-dx-reports.html

May 10, 2013:  Mark, I really enjoy the blog. Keep those entries coming.  Leslie in Little Canada, Minnesota.

April 23, 2013:  Hi Mark, Enjoyed catching up with what you and Paula are doing.  Loved the pictures Paula took scuba diving alsoDiane in Lake Benton, Minnesota.

April 3, 2013:  Mark, Fun photo shots.  These sled dogs always look happy when they are pulling a sled!.....and you seemed to enjoy being the pullee. Thanks for sharing these.  Your site is always an enjoyable visit!  Jerry in Olympia, Washington.

April 3, 2013:  Nice photos of the dog sledding.  Looks like fun!  Monica in Wadena, Minnesota.

February 13, 2013:  GREAT Pictures from Hawaii!!!!  Looks like too much fun!  Tom from Crosby, Minnesota.

February 11, 2013:  Mark and Paula:  I really enjoyed the photos and commentary from your Hawaii adventure!  I'm sure it was hard to leave, especially knowing what you were coming home to.  Welcome back, I suspect the next blog entry will have something to do with moving snow.  Doug in Wadena, Minnesota.

February 10, 2013:  Glad you had a good time in Hawaii.  Been the a number of times.  Regards...........Steve And Sue in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

January 31, 2013:  From the blog it looks like you had a very busy and nice time in the islands. The photos are very good and entertaining also.  Jim in Naples, Florida.

October 8, 2012:  Great website, fun photos!  Thanks for sharing :)  Brenda in Motley, Minnesota.

September 21, 2012:  Re: Washington Island. Hi Mark:  I really appreciate your blog and the crispness and care by which it is delivered.  I love the picture of George in his tech cave.  Very nicely done.  Please know that we appreciate your blogging about us and Washington Island very much.  Cheers, Susan at Greengate Farm

September 16, 2012:  Re: Amateur Radio on Washington Island.  Thanks Mark for sharing the pictures and your operating experience.  Must have been difficult to pick out which rig and antenna to use.  Take care  73’s   Lyle in Merrifield, Minnesota.

August 27, 2012:  Re: Civil War Days You're an excellent photographer!  Thank you for sharing.  Makes me want to visit Pipestone!  Chris in Anoka, Minnesota.

August 19, 2012:  Re: Class Reunion Committee Meeting.  Paula: Congratulations on your 40th.  I just had my 50th last week.  Regards...Steve in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

August 18, 2012:  Re:  EAA Air show.  Nice pictures Mark, glad you enjoyed the show.  Steve in Appleton, Wisconsin.

August 16, 2012:  Re: Civil War Re-enactment.  Loved the pictures, thanks for sharing.  It looks like the re-enactment was great.  Hope to see you again before the next civil war!  Diane in Lake Benton, Minnesota.

August 15, 2012:  Re: Civil War Re-enactment.  Very nice!  Excellent photos!!  Thanks for sharing!!!  Mylan in Pipestone, Minnesota.

August 5, 2012:  Re: Oshkosh photos. You looked like you were sweating bullets in the simulator.  Oh, wait.... that must have been because it was 103+.  Jim in Baxter, Minnesota.

July 13, 2012:  Gilbert Lodge - what a hoot!  Liz from Brainerd, Minnesota.

June 24, 2012:  Hi Paula,  I've enjoyed your Milwaukee adventures Leslie in Little Canada, Minnesota.

June 18, 2012:  Hey!  You’re sittin’ at my table at Pier 500!  Mark in LaGrange, Illinois.

April 20, 2012:  I love gilbertlodge.com - Great site!  Fabian in Walnut, California

March 15, 2012:  Will you please send me lodging information. Thank you!  Sarah

February 23, 2012:  Love the blog – I was just browsing through it.  Nice pictures and very entertaining.  :)  Kelly from Brainerd, MN.

February 7, 2012:  Hi Mark - I just checked in on the GL blog, and looked over the February 5th Super Bowl posting. Very nice!  What really amused me was your comment at the end of the page - "Never say kick-off to an old person."  That was pretty funny!  Keep up the great work - I always enjoy following the exploits of "Team Persons!"  Doug in Wadena, MN.

January 22, 2012:  Hi Paula, Nice catch - freshly caught walleye is so delicious.  Too bad Mark had to release his fish -at least he'll have the memory and the picture.  Leslie in Little Canada, Minnesota.

January 17, 2012:  My secret spaghetti sauce recipe involves Ragu.  Debbie in Woodland, California.

January 6, 2012:  I just saw your blog on the spaghetti and had to laugh.....yesterday I made 4 pounds of spaghetti mixed with sauce because we are having a few basketball players over before the game Friday night.  My secret recipe for the sauce is similar to Paula's.  Happy new Year.  Allen in Long Prairie, Minnesota.

December 11, 2011:  Love your blog.  Laura in Baxter, Minnesota.

December 11, 2011:  I enjoyed the pictures on the blogLeslie in Little Canada, Minnesota.

September 20, 2011:  Re: Enjoying the Blog!  Mark and Paula:  I am thrilled to see additional adventures posted as the two of you transition to the “no field work” phase of your business.  I hope the two of you will continue to explore the area and post the results of your adventures for all to enjoy.  Keep up the good work – I really enjoy your blog.  Doug from Wadena, Minnesota.

June 20, 2011:   Hope to get to Gilbert Lodge one day Steve in Appleton, Wisconsin.

June 4, 2011:  The Gilbert Lodge Blog is soul food for a person.  Karen in Brainerd, Minnesota.

June 1, 2011:  Looks like you (Mark) and Paula had a wonderful vacation – great pictures!  Especially enjoyed the ones from Custer State Park and Needles Highway.   What spectacular scenery.  Jo-Ann in New Jersey.

May 30, 2011: Cool photos!  Thanks for sharing them.  Looks like a fun tripMaynard in Madison, Minnesota.

May 23, 2011:  I enjoyed following your trip on the blog.  I haven't been out there since I was a kid.:  Leslie in Little Canada, Minnesota.

May 23, 2011:  Looks like you had a great time Scott and Paulette in New Ulm, Minnesota.

May 23, 2011:  Mark and Paula,  I’ve enjoyed the photos and stories about your trip.  It sounds like you two had a great time.  I have to admit, after reading them I was always a little hungry.  Kim in Brainerd. 

May 22, 2011:  HI Mark and Paula, Frankly, your overall site is phenomenal!  GREAT pictures of your trip.  Almost felt like we were there. YOU should have kept coming West.  We just finished up our guest room so we’re ready for you!  Beside the nostalgia offered by Wall Drug, and the beautiful scenic shots, we couldn’t help but notice that you seem to eat a lot.  Jerry and Cathy in Olympia, Washington.

May 17, 2011:  Looks like you two have having a great trip, and nice pictures to keep the rest of us that are stuck at home, up to date!  Hope the Wine Connoisseur picked out a winning wine. (I think the barrel is a good choice.)  Dave in Brainerd, Minnesota.

March 25, 2011: Mark, Enjoyed every minute of our lunch.  Thanks for featuring my picture on your highly renowned Website.  Darrell from Crosslake, Minnesota.

February 21, 2011:  I really enjoyed looking at the pictures of the lodge. I have never seen it before.  Looks very nice.  Glad to hear that Paula is still diving.  Sounds like a pretty incredible place to do it too.  Good to know all is well.  Give Paula my best as well.  Rusty in Denver, Colorado.

February 1, 2011:  Regarding TWiT Televison appearance Nice interview, Mark!  Shane in Laramie, Wyoming.

January 31, 2011:  Hello Mark, Nice Blog!  I checked it out over the weekend and even sent a link to a few friends.  Much appreciated, Chef Tom from Nisswa, Minnesota

January 20, 2011:  I was reading some of the comments. You guys are just adorable!!!  Now.. that’s a fireplace!!!  Kim in Chicago, Illinois. 

January 15, 2011:  Just looking for an address and found we had dined at the sumptuous Gilbert Lodge.  Did we ever get the bill?  Happy New Year.  Let me know if you have any openings at the Lodge.  David and Carol in Pequot Lakes, Minnesota.

January 15, 2011:  Mark, The lodge is very impressive.  I have kept a link so I can watch for activity.  Best regards to Chef Paula.  Jim in Coppell, Texas.

January 2, 2011:  Hi Paula, Happy New Year!  I saw from the blog that you watched the Rose Bowl Parade.  It's on my bucket list - some year I'd like to go volunteer to build floats and then stay to watch the parade Leslie in Little Canada, Minnesota.

December 30, 2010:  Dear Mark, Joan and I wish you and Paula the best of everything in the coming year.  Jon in St. Louis Park, MN.

December 25, 2010:  Merry Christmas Mark and Paula!  Allen and Terri in Long Prairie, Minnesota.

December 12, 2010:  I shouldn’t have looked at Chef Paula on your Web site.  Now I have to eat!  Jerry in CA.

December 2, 2010:  Mark and Paula:  I am really enjoying the Gilbert Lodge Blog.  The photography just gets better all the time.  Seems like the two of you have figured out how to finally get some fun squeezed in around broadcast emergencies.  Wishing you both a very happy holiday season.  Doug in Wadena, MN.

November 29, 2010:  We want to book a permanent room in that fun Lodge!!!!  Jerry and Cathy in Lake San Marcos, California.

November 25, 2010:  Happy Thanksgiving.  Jerry in Pekin, Illinois.

November 25, 2010:  Happy Thanksgiving to you and Paula.  Shane and Andria in Laramie Wyoming.

November 22, 2010:  Hope you and Paula have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Jo-Ann from New Jersey

November 14, 2010:  GREAT website, lovely place you’ve got there.  Bill in Rockledge, Florida.

October 28, 2010:  Thanks Paula.  Tell Mark thanks for wasting some of my time with all of the wonderful info on your Web site. I have been looking at the various pages since I got off the phone with you nearly 20 minutes ago!  Back to work now, Jess in Minneapolis, MN.

October 14, 2010:  I enjoy seeing the stories and photos of Gilbert Lodge and your lives.  Keep up the good workAnita from Merrifield, MN

October 12, 2010:  Top of the morn’in, Paula,  You know, we’ve always followed your whirlwind life and keep up to date on your ever-changing site.  Finally, your exciting lifestyle has been acknowledged by the National Hurricane center whereby they have now named the most recent hurricane after you (Hurricane Paula).  It was long overdue.  Congratulations!  Jerry and Cathy in Lake San Marcos, California.

October 12, 2010:  Hi Mark,  Looks like a wonderful place you have.  Are you a B&B or a hotel?  My wife and I may want to visit someday!  Mike in Minneapolis, MN.

October 11, 2010:  I wanted to let you know that the blog just gets better and better! Great pictures and I enjoy the commentary as well. Always a sad time to see the boats come out of the water in the fall.  Before you know it – you’ll be posting pictures of Paula with the snow blower.  Sure seems like Paula is doing most of the work around the lodge.  Doug in Wadena, MN.

October 5, 2010:  Hi Mark, I had fun looking at the pictures you posted on your Gilbert Lodge Web site from the OktoberfestPeg from Brainerd.

September 24, 2010:  Hi Mark and Paula, I just checked in for an update on the adventures of Gilbert Lodge.  Paula, you’re quite the trapper!  I wouldn’t be surprised to see you investing in another hobby but there are only so many hours in the day. I’m looking forward to some pictures from the big diving party this week-end.  Your landscaping is one of my top five ever.  I enjoy the preservation and natural look.  You guys were so fun to get to know and it is interesting that even though we didn’t know each other, how many connections we have.  Your Muskrat Man, Jon Ring.

September 15, 2010:  Lynn and a co worker and I read with great interest about the trials and tribulations of the Minnow.  That was quite a feat, Paula.  I wonder how many times the Skipper heard the ole "I told you so" routine.  I'll bet he put Gilligan in the bath for a long, hot one simply to drown out that chorus.  I was quite humored by the whole experience!  I read through several entries on the blog (it's addicting), and I was also humored by how much of the State Fair I saw through YOUR eyes, that Mr. Right and I somehow missed.  We were simply not a good audience for the fair.  Lame fair-goers, I tell you.  But we did LOVE the RUSH concert!  Karen in Brainerd, MN.

September 7, 2010:  Regarding MN State Fair.  Horseback riding, eh?  Sounds like daily life out here in Wyoming.  It’s been quite a while since I have had a chance to visit the MN State Fair.  Perhaps one of these years Andrea and I will take some vacation time to visit during that time of year.  Shane in Laramie, WY.

September 6, 2010:  Regarding Stillwater visit.  Nice pictures - looks like a fun weekend. Your luck with good weather was excellent.  Jim in Baxter, MN.

July 8, 2010:  We’re thinking of cancelling our newspaper subscriptions and just reading your blog full time.  It’s more interesting and doesn’t have all the bad stuff.  You do a tremendous job with your website!  Jerry and Cathy from Lake San Marcos, California.

June 25, 2010:  I just read the tribute to your mom, Paula.  It was awesome!  Alimae from Chicago, Illinois.

June 20, 2010:  I am always amazed with what quote of the day that Mark comes up with on each new post. He must have a lot of inspiration!  With kind regards, Laura from the Netherlands.

June 14, 2010:  I enjoyed seeing a glimpse into Paula's and your lives over on Gilbert Lake via your blog.  Adrienne from Brainerd, MN. 

June 2, 2010:  Mark and Paula –  Just want you to know that I check in your Gilbert Lodge blog on a regular basis. I enjoy the pictures and following your adventures.  Wishing you both a wonderful summer on Gilbert Lake!   Doug  from Wadena, Minnesota

June 1, 2010:  Cool site!  Deb from Elk River, Minnesota

May 24, 2010:  Hope you had a good time on your respite from Gilbert Lodge!  Mary in Bemidji, Minnesota

May 24, 2010:  The blog looks great! You must have had a fun time.  Kurt in Brainerd, Minnesota

May 23, 2010:  Welcome back.  I really enjoyed Mark's travel blog.  I checked on your travels every day.  Mark could have a career as a travel journalist when he retires from being a broadcast engineer.  Leslie in Little Canada, Minnesota.

May 23, 2010:  Good Grief!  You guys are really getting around.  We love your site and we vicariously are living your lives.  When we didn’t check your sight for a week or so………we missed your traveling the world Jerry and Cathy in Lake San Marcos, California. 

May 23, 2010:  Nice pictures on the Gilbert Lodge site (Regarding trip to Michigan).  Good luck getting out of the travel mode and back into the work mode. Hmmm let's see - 40 years in the work mode - 9 days in the travel/leisure/retirement mode. You may have to do more of this again soon in order to help restore the balance of the universe.  Anyway, hope you had a good time.  Jim in Baxter, Minnesota.

May 17, 2010:  Ann and I just finished and enjoyed the latest chapters in the life and times of Mark and Paula Persons on the Gilbert Lodge Blog.  Jim in Fosston, Minnesota.

May 14, 2010:  Travelers, by this time you are either safe in Michigan or at the bottom of Lake Michigan. I haven’t heard of any ferry boat disasters so I’ll assume that it’s the former and not the latter.  70 degrees today in central Minnesota and finally starting to dry out. Tomorrow should be even better. The Scotch is good, the grille is hot and best of all it’s Friday!  I hope you have a great trip/getaway and enjoy good weather and exciting adventures.  I also hope that the Ferry trip wasn’t a rough one.  Jim in Baxter, MN

May 14, 2010:  Looks like a fun trip.....I hope that Paula shared that doughnut!  Am looking at the picture from the hotel.  I'd think you didn't go on vacation, looks like the office there!  Have fun!  Dave in Brainerd, MN.

April 16, 2010:  Thank you for sharing the Gilbert Lodge with me. It is beautiful!  Becky in Chicago, IL.

January 27, 2010:  Paula!  You're living the good life as are we!  Ain't it grand?  Your "Lodge" is really pretty special.  You can be very proud of it and how you created it.  Don in Pequot Lakes, MN.

January 25, 2010:  Spent some time on Gilbert Lodge’s Web site.  Tell Paula I enjoyed her underwater pictures very much.  It’s amazing how colorful the fish are, and so many unusual ones.  Mary in Crosslake, MN.

January 3, 2010:  I have a suggestion for Chef Paula.  If she ever finds some free time and needs something new to do, I suggest she create a cook book of her favorite recipes complete with your photographs.  I think it would be a hit.  Question, how can you eat so well and not weigh 300 pounds?  You must be really physically active during the rest of the day.  Diane from Lake Benton, MN.

January 2, 2010:  We follow your life and live ours vicariously through you.  Frankly, we wish we were there whooping it up with you.  All we have here is Schwarzenegger.  Jerry and "Pink Fish" Cathy in Lake San Marcos, CA. 

December 31, 2009:  Mark and Paula:  I enjoyed your Christmas pictures on the Gilbert Lodge Blog.  Keep them coming!  Doug in Wadena, MN.

December 9, 2009:  Nice pix of Winter Wonderland Mike from Woman Lake in Northern, MN.

December 4, 2009: 
I have enjoyed keeping up with your adventures on the Gilbert Lodge Blog. You folks have a beautiful home and office there on the lake, and I think it’s pretty neat that you share it through the words and pictures on your site.  Keep up the good work, and Merry Christmas to you both.  Doug in Wadena, MN.

December 2, 2009:  Everything looks very homeyKurt from Brainerd, MN.

November 30, 2009:  Mark, Your photos are really great.    Lorraine from Pequot Lakes, MN.

November 29, 2009:  Hi Mark, I looked at your Blog and your Haunted Trail images are great.  John from Brainerd, MN.

November 12, 2009:  Thanks for the Web tour of beautiful Gilbert Lodge – I looked at every bit of it.  I was ready to make a reservation for dinner then I read further and realized that you are not open to the public.  Darn!!!  I’m very impressed, it’s a great Web site – tell Mark he does a wonderful job.  I enjoyed your photos of the SCUBA pumpkin carvers.   Elaine from Lakeshore MN.

November 4, 2009:  The Haunted Trail looks toooooo spooooooky!  Jim from Mosinee, WI.

November 1, 2009:  When you two do something, you go ALL THE WAY!!!  VERY Impressive!!!!  Jerry and Cathy at Lake San Marcos, CA.

September 14, 2009:  I enjoyed looking through the different Web pages and all of the work that you've put into your website!  Gilbert Lodge is very impressive!  Stephany from Brainerd, MN.

August 1, 2009:  Tell Paula I like her underwater photos.  Jim in Baxter, MN.

June 16, 2009:  Great Web site!!!  Good job on the Viet Nam entries. I also got a kick out of you and Paula around the "homestead."  Saturday. was a real moving experience for me and I also enjoyed the great conversation...keep up the good work!  Lon in Baxter, MN

June 2, 2009:  I spent some time reading about your pontoon issue with the gas line. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and photo of the kind resort folks.  How folksy!!!  Then reading on to the life and times on Gilbert lake---wild life photos--- was just pure joy.  We are so fortunate.  Thanks for documenting and sharing.  Karen from Brainerd, MN.

May 14, 2009:  Mark and Paula:  I love your site.  I need to close it now because I’m not getting very much work done today.  I’m spending too much time looking through it.  I specifically went to Job Opportunities when I saw how good the staff at Gilbert Lodge eat.  It was very disappointing when I saw there currently weren’t any open positions.  Kim in Baxter, MN. 

May 12, 2009:  I've got to run the calculations to see what percentage of all photos taken at Gilbert Lodge involve food.  We LOVE your place and each time I look at your photos, I want to get a lake place.  We do miss the beauty of the lakes in northern Minnesota.  There’s nothing like it here in California.  And now I want a wood splitter….and haven’t’ any wood.  I like your life!.  Jerry at Lake San Marcos, CA.

April 13, /2009:  It was sure a crowd at the Easter egg hunt and the rabbit is fabulous.  I bet your Easter dinner was great with both of your parents, the food looks delicious….. I am going now to lunch….Have a good day, Lourdes in Woodland, CA.

April 9, 2009:  Mark and Paula,  I enjoyed the blog.  Great photos.  Hard to believe you operate such a lodge with only 3 employees.  If you need a 4th to keep the wine cellar stocked and up to date, let me know.  Kerry in Baxter, MN.

March 31, /2009:  Hi Paula and Mark!  Enjoyed seeing your photos from the recent dive trip to Little Cayman, Paula!  I am sure that it was a fantastic trip.   Some of the fish are just like puppies or kittens!  So much fun!  Take care!  Mary from Walker, MN.

March 30, 2009:  I think we liked the wine in front of the warm fireplace best!!!  YOU are a SPORT!!!!!!!!  Thanks for sharing this.  We love following your adventures!  Jerry and Cathy in Lake San Marcos, CA.

March 30, 2009: Gilbert Lodge is amazing! and good job on the website!  Monica in Wadena, MN.

March 30, 2009: Hi Paula, I took a look at the ice diving pictures that Mark posted.  Congratulations on getting your ice diving card!  I wish I could have been there.  Leslie from Little Canada, MN.

March 29, 2009:  Looks like fun!  I like the wine in front of the fireplace best!  Dave in Brainerd, MN.

March 3, 2009:  You have an impressive guest list!  We love Gilbert Lodge!  Keep up the great work on your sites!  Jerry and Cathy in Lake San Marcos, CA.


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