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         The life and times of Mark and Paula Persons

Monday, February 21, 2011:  Deep Diver Paula was back in the water off Grand Cayman Island to see and photograph more fish.  
This is a French angel fish near the bottom.
Speaking of French, she spotted a French grunt.
Lobster anyone?  This one was there hoping not to be eaten by tourists.
Colorful schools of fish were everywhere.   
The USS Kittiwake was a Submarine Rescue Ship and was decommissioned on  September 30, 1994. In August 2009, she was donated to the Cayman Islands for the purpose of being sunk as an artificial reef and diving location. On December 25, 2010, the Kittiwake arrived under tow in the Cayman Islands and was sunk on January 5, 2011, just off Seven Mile Beach.

Paula saw and photographed the ship as she rested on the bottom.

Paula dove on the Kittiwake.  Looks like she was the very determined captain of the vessel for a while.
Schools of horse-eye jacks were seen around the ship as well.

Monday, February 21, 2011 evening e-mail from Paula:  Three dives today.  Did Sand Chute this morning which had a lot of dive troughs.  Fun to roll over on my back and look up to see fish. Like I was diving in a canyon.  That is why they call it Sand Chute.  Not as many fish but some nice walls.  However, they do not photograph well in 100 ft of water.  Second dive of the day was at Hammerhead Hole.  We did not see any sharks however.  Shallow dive so saw lots of smaller fish.  At lunch took I took my camera in and had them adjust it for me.  They set it up and so I am getting much better photos.  Took it on the Kittiwake, which was sunk on January 10th.  Was much more fun than we anticipated.  Was able to dive in and out of the floors.  Fish are already starting to take it over.  Did see one eagle ray which was the first of this trip.  Did see a nice size lobster at Hammerhead Hole. 

Have two boat dives tomorrow and then will do a shore dive again.  Trying to get a nice shot of the mermaid and there is the Nicholson wreck we have to explore from shore.  Sunday afternoon we were able to dive the Balboa Wreck.  That was a shallow dive, but lots of fun to see all the debris on the bottom.  Fish like to hide in it.  Seeing many lion fish which are overtaking the Caribbean.  So unfortunate. 

Hear there is about 14 inches of snow in Minneapolis and still snowing.  Weather down here is 82 degrees and cloudy, but not many waves.  Love you and hope all is going well for you on a Monday.  XXXOOO  Deep Diver Paula

February 21, 2011:  Mark, I really enjoyed looking at the pictures of the lodge. I have never seen it before. looks very nice. Glad to hear that Paula is still diving. sounds like a pretty incredible place to do it too.  Good to know all is well.  Give Paula my best as well.  Rusty in Denver, Colorado.

Back at the ranch (Gilbert Lodge), Mark shoveled five inches of partly cloudy (snow) off the driveway.  Actually, that was not bad considering Minneapolis and St. Paul received 12 to 18 inches of snow in 24 hours.  Life in Minnesota continues even when Paula is out in the Caribbean.    

Only 24 days until St. Patrick's Day.

Quote of the day:  How much fun can a person or "Persons" have in that place?   Mark < Back to previous story Ahead to next story >

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page last edited 05/06/2011