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Saturday, October 31, 2009: The annual Underwater Scuba Diving Pumpkin Carving Contest was held in the Louise mine pit near Crosby, MN.  19 divers showed with a few extra spectators.  Here we are proudly showing off our pumpkins.

My dive partner Leslie Kopietz took a photo of me working away on carving my pumpkin in 16 feet of water.  We followed an old roadbed left over from the mining days which is now underwater and used the ridge as a basis for our carving. 

Leslie, one of my dive partners for the day, did a great job carving a shark under water.  Here she is in a photo taken by Rob Fitsimmons using my camera under water.   Leslie came home with the prize for the most original pumpkin.  Well deserved.

Here is a photo of me on shore behind my pumpkin (second from the left).  I had just come out of the water after a cool 47 minute dive.



E-mail November 12, 2009:  Thanks for the Web tour of beautiful Gilbert Lodge I looked at every bit of it.  I was ready to make a reservation for dinner then I read further and realized that you are not open to the public.  Darn!!!  Im very impressed, its a great Web site tell Mark he does a wonderful job.  I enjoyed your photos of the SCUBA pumpkin carvers.   Elaine from Lakeshore Minnesota

Quote of the day:  Bummer, it was the last fun dive of the season!

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