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         The life and times of Mark and Paula Persons

January 1, 2011:  It is new years morning.  The new year came in with partly cloudy skies and zero degree temperatures.  Since Mark and Paula hadn't eaten since "last year," Chef Paula prepared her famous pancakes.

During brunch, they discussed who would do snow blowing of the driveway to clear three inches of snow that fell overnight.  Mark said that he does the driveway on even numbered years and Paula does it on odd numbered years.  Paula corrected Mark by saying that she does snow blowing in the summer and Mark is scheduled to do that in the winter months.   

Then it was on to watching the annual Rose Bowl Parade on television.  This is an annual tradition at Gilbert Lodge. 

After staying up until after midnight to greet the new year, both were so tired that they almost fell asleep during the parade.  Good thing they did not miss this float.  It was the Budweiser entry drawn by Clydesdale horses.    

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