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         The life and times of Mark and Paula Persons

May 28, 2009:  The Minnow set sail on Gilbert Lake with Paula "Gilligan" Persons keeping watch from the starboard side near the bow. 

Soon, the mighty Mercury engine was gasping for fuel and we had to put ashore for repairs.  It didn't take long to determine that the fuel line had been chewed through by a muskrat or other water creature looking for a free lunch.    

Mark "Head Mechanic" Persons at Gilbert Lodge used electrical tape to temporarily patch the leak so the cruise could continue that evening.  Permanent repairs were done the next day.   

Thanks to Evie and Ed Fox for the electrical tape to do the job.  They ran Fox's Resort for many years on the lake and are now retired.  They wished us well on the remainder of the cruise.

Along the way, we spotted some Canadian geese, with their little ones along the shore.    

Pelicans are a somewhat common site here too.

Pleasure craft are seen often too.  That night we spotted a number of boats including one named Lucky Lady.  


It is common to see families fishing the lake.  This one is using a Mercury outboard motor too.  "Ahoy...have you checked your fuel line today?" 

Game fish on Gilbert Lake include northern pike, blue gill, and crappie.

Heading back to port and Gilbert Lodge is Mark "The Skipper" Persons piloting the mighty craft.  The day turned out well in spite of the minor setback. 

Saying of the Day:  A boat is like a hole in the water into which you pour money to keep it going.  

June 2, 2009 e-mail:  I spent some time reading about your pontoon issue with the gas line. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and photo of the kind resort folks.  How folksy!!!  Then reading on to the life and times on Gilbert lake---wild life photos--- was just pure joy.  We are so fortunate.  Thanks for documenting and sharing.  Karen from Brainerd, MN.

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