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         The life and times of Mark and Paula Persons


Friday, May 11, 2011:  The Dynamic Duo of Mark and Paula traveled south to Little Falls, Minnesota.  They stopped at Pete and Joy's Bakery & Coffee Shop. 

Even before getting in the door, they purchased two Buddy Poppies from Diane Werkman, who is a member of the local chapter of the American Legion Club.  Dianne was a Master Sergeant in the U. S. Army during the Vietnam era.  We thank her for her service to our country.  Poppy sales help American veterans in time of need.

Paula couldn't resist ordering and eating a delicious chocolate and coconut topped pastry.  Nellie Lindberg, no relation to Charles Lindbergh, was the store clerk at that 7:45 AM hour. 

Any calories on this one, Paula?  Do you share?

This trip is a bit reminiscent of their trip to Michigan at this time last year.

Along the way to Sauk Center, they passed two carriages with Amish people.  Yes, they should have a yellow triangle sign on the back for safety, but they are apparently very stubborn people.  We don't see horses and buggies very often nowadays. 

Sauk Center is best known for the Sinclair Louis book, Main Street.  First published in 1920, this writing still holds great interest to readers and tourists to this mid-Minnesota town.

Then it was on to Madison, Minnesota, where Maynard Meyer is the owner and manager of KLQP Radio.  Maynard is a licensed Amateur Radio operator, consummate radio collector, and an avid broadcaster. 

To make life more interesting, it was just announced that Maynard will be inducted into the Museum of Broadcasting Hall of Fame.  Sometimes referred to as "Mr. Radio," Maynard took it all in stride. 

From there, the Dynamic Duo headed for De Smet, South Dakota, where Brenda Kruse gave a tour of a replica of the school house that Laura Ingalls Wilder taught at.  The well-known television series, "Little House on the Prairie," depicted the life and times of Wilder from back in the 1880's. 

Mark and Paula stopped in Huron, South Dakota on their journey west,  How far west?....stay tuned for the next thrilling episode in the saga of the Dynamic Duo. 

Meanwhile, Paula is checking her -e-mail and Facebook page.  Does that look like "Dueling Computers or what?"

Mark was savoring his favorite refreshment from Scotland. Paula was enjoying her favorite peanuts with a sip or two of the same refreshment.

The Prime Time Tavern provided very good fare for the couple that evening.  It was excellent.  Who could ask for more? 

Quote of the day:   Traveling isn't so bad after all.  Mark < Back to previous story Ahead to next story >

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page last edited 07/02/2011