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               The Gilbert Lodge Blog from Brainerd, MN, USA

January 17-22, 2009:  We came out of a swim through and ran into a barracuda.  He was huge, I thought about five feet.  My dive buddy thought it was more than six feet long.  Fortunately he wasn't hungry for divers at that time.          I loved all the little Blue Chromis darting in and out of the colorful coral.

Click each photo for a better/larger view

The Gray Angelfish were also rather plentiful among the reefs.  My fish identification skills need work so some of my fish names may be incorrect.  However, I do know a barracuda when I see it.   I think this is an orange filefish.  Their tails have such a unique shape.

Click each photo for a better/larger view

Queen Anglefish are so colorful and abundant.  I took a lot of photos of them.   We got a look at three or four of these sea turtles. 

Click each photo for a better/larger view

This is some sort of ray we saw on the bottom.  This one was hiding underneath a coral head.  Many times they have fish hanging above them.   These honeycomb cowfish were so much fun to watch.  They are triangular and know how to move.  But then we were diving in 1.5 to knots of current once or twice.  Made for lots of fuzzy fish tails.

Click each photo for a better/larger view

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