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               The Gilbert Lodge Blog from Brainerd, MN, USA


January 15 through January 23, 2010:  Paula left with 16 people on a SCUBA diving trip to Cozumel, Mexico.  We ate at a wonderful restaurant El Moro in a residential area.  The even had a neighborhood cat that wandered in and out while we ate.



We passed this shrine on the way to dinner.  It was lit with many Christmas lights.  Sunday we walked by a small Catholic Church during services and stopped and listened.  It was so crowded people were outside listening to the service.

Click each photo for a better/larger view


I couldn't resist showing what one night's dining at Los Otatess looked like.  We ate some of the beef that is shown here.  Food was very inexpensive and good.



The last day we could not dive so we rented jeeps and headed to the other side of the island.  We took in the Mayan ruins on the island.

Click each photo for a better/larger view

Couldn't resist this photo.  The English translation for a native beach.      Here is a partial group photo of La Hoza, a restaurant we frequented on two different occasions.  The food we had was excellent each night.  I even tried fish wrapped in a banana leaf and it was very good.

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A typical street scene just off the Main Square in town..  I took this to show Mark the overhead wiring.     Out last night our divemaster Troy Ruhr joined us for dinner.  Here we are purchasing our t-shirts from him.  We spent the week diving with Pelagic Ventures.  Troy is originally from Winnipeg, CA so it was interesting hearing spanish spoken with a Canadian accent - eh.  Troy and his crew did an great job showing us the reefs.

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Our first day we could not dive because of the winds.  Taking a walk we ran into a pelican.  Bob couldn't resist sticking him hand in the poor birds beak.   You have to love the ocean views.  This was our view during lunch on our last full day on the island.

Click each photo for a better/larger view

More photos of the Cozumel trip

E-mail January 25, 2010:  Spent some time on Gilbert Lodge’s Web site.  Tell Paula I enjoyed her underwater pictures very much.  It’s amazing how colorful the fish are, and so many unusual ones.  Mary in Crosslake, MN.

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