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Gilbert Lodge
Since 2004


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living quarters
Guests are treated to a comprehensive library including a comfortable reading chair. 
The facility also comes complete with unlimited Internet access.

Photo by Hammer Photography.


The Master Suite has a comfortable chair and a bed with a bed cat.  


Guest quarters are located in the Campbell Wing of Gilbert Lodge and are elegantly furnished. 
The wood rocking chair has elicited many comments. 
Note how it is in front of the Frank Lloyd Wright inspired windows in the corner. 

Each guest room comes complete with a 46 inch flat-screen television/video screen. 

High-speed wireless Internet is provided at no extra charge.


Summertime is great at Gilbert Lodge.  The screens are 8-1/2 feet tall.  These are the largest screens that Gull Lake Glass has built.  They let the sounds and smells of summer in while keeping mosquitoes out.  The railings were custom built locally too.

Photo by Hammer Photography.


See the entrance level at Gilbert Lodge. See the Great Room at Gilbert Lodge.

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