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Gilbert Lodge
Since 2004


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Great Room and Galley
The Grand Staircase ascends to the Penthouse at Gilbert Lodge. 
In the background is the Reading Nook with windows on two sides. 
Nearby is a radio tower to remind guest of the heritage that made Gilbert Lodge possible. 

Photo by Hammer Photography.


The Grand Fireplace is shown as the center of attraction in the Great Room. 
Next to it is a 46-inch television. 

Photo by Hammer Photography.


  The Grand Galley is equipped with the latest in cookware. 
Chef Paula is delighted to serve guests with her gourmet cooking.

Photo by Hammer Photography.

  Dine at the elegant dinner table at Gilbert Lodge. 
Dining Schedule

Photo by Hammer Photography.

See the entrance level at Gilbert Lodge. See the Living Quarters at Gilbert Lodge.

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