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         The life and times of Mark and Paula Persons

Tuesday, April 16, 2012:  Mark was in Las Vegas to attend the National Association of Broadcasters annual convention. 

He found, to his surprise, that Michael Jackson was alive and well.  Lady Ga Ga looked pretty good too.

Mark was heard to say, "And all this time I thought Michael Jackson was dead.  You just can't believe everything they say on the radio."

Las Vegas is an oasis in the middle of a bone-dry dessert. 

When flying there over the desert, Mark was heard to say, "I don't see any intelligent life down there." 

He was later heard to say that there wasn't much intelligent life in Vegas either.

Gambling casinos are very inviting sights. 

Hard to refuse the urge to ride the escalator to a night of card games.

There are no clocks in Las Vegas.  The casino people want customers to loose track of time and gamble all night.

Many hotels along the strip are enchanting. 
Stepping inside the Venetian, he saw Italian gondolas cruising the waterways.  It was a great sight.
Wonderful works of art are found outside hotels in Vegas.
This waterfall drew a lot of attention.
Visitors were mesmerized by the water. 

Great memories.

Quote of the day:  It is fun to walk along the strip in Las Vegas at night and take in the sights.  Mark    < Back to previous story Ahead to next story >

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