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                 Gilbert Lodge Blog
         The life and times of Mark and Paula Persons

E-mail from Deep Diver Paula:  Went to the Cannibal Restaurant for dinner this evening.  Theme: "We would like you  Ö to come for dinner."  Excellent Mexican food.  I ordered a fish taco and a chicken enchilada.  By mistake they served it to Tom and he ate it not realizing he didnít order it.  We had fun with that all the way back.  Got to our room and Greg had to crawl over our deck to get in his room because Margaret accidently locked him out.  We really are a crazy group having a good time.  Did I tell you we are getting banana pancakes for breakfast tomorrow?  Rumor is they are excellent.  So far no sand fleas/bites on me and food is agreeing with everyone.  Plan to take a night dive tomorrow.  Forecast of 50% rain tomorrow but hoping they are not right on that one. 

On the way back we found Radio Roatan, The Island Buzz.  Sambula was behind the microphone.  Thumbs up!  Does this now mean I have been officially working??? 

Getting a nice tan/burn.  Fortunately it doesnít hurt.  Bumped my nose the first day on the luggage fortunately no black eye but look kind of silly.  Good group of people and we are all having a good time. 

Night for now.  xxxooo Paula

Quote of the day:  Gosh!  Paula has a nose for radio.  She can find a station anywhere!  Mark    Just 19 days until St. Patrick's Day. < Back to previous story Ahead to next story >

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