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         The life and times of Mark and Paula Persons
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Monday, December 3, 2018:  Mark and Paula headed to the National World War Two Museum in New Orleans.
Veterans, including a WWII veteran, were being photographed by friends and family.  

The museum is a campus of four buildings.  The one has a C-47 cargo plane.  It was a Douglas DC-3 airliner before the war.
The museum tells the story of World War Two, a "global conflict" between good and evil.
The United States, England, Russia, and China (the Allies)
were dragged into war by the Axis powers of Germany and Japan.
A painting showed Allied General Dwight Eisenhower and Jackson Higgins, developer of the landing craft, referred to as Higgins Boats, that put men ashore on the beaches of Normandy and the Pacific islands.
Back in 1941, the Willys Jeep, was designed, prototyped and tested in just 49 days to meet the U.S. Military need for ground transportation.  In total, 640,000 were built during the war.  Their tradition continues today.
Women became a big part of the war effort in the United States. 
WASP (Women Army Service Pilots), 1704 total, ferried aircraft to areas where they were needed most.
Mark met Elizabeth "Betty" Strohfus back in 2014.  She has passed on now, but was a wonderful person.
It was a huge war effort requiring almost everyone.
Uniforms and weapons of U.S. troops.
Looking through a bomb-created hole in the ceiling of a Quonset hut, Allied planes can be seeing heading for enemy territory.
This is an Opel, manufactured by General Motors (an American company) in 1934, long before the war started. 
Like many others, it was pressed into service by the German military because of material shortages.
This one was camouflaged for use in a German forest.
These were men dedicated to a cause.
North American P-51 Mustangs headed out to engage German fighters over Europe.
This Curtis P-40 Warhawk is emblazoned with Flying Tiger shark teeth.  
Adolph Hitler committed suicide, ending German resistance in the spring of 1945.
Then the Japanese were next.  More Americans signed up to finish the job.
Transport ships sent thousands to the Pacific to end the war. 
A WWII 2-way radio and a helmet with bullet holes.  Tools of the trade.

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