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Tuesday, June 5, 2018:   The streets of London and Westminster Bridge over the River Thames.
Fish and chips is a staple food in England....especially at pubs.  Paula went to check it out.
These places can be fun.  All it takes is a pint of ale.
However, some Brits prefer American food. 
Getting around in London is easy and fast by the tube.  We call it a subway in America. 
Platforms are jammed with people during rush hour, but less so at other times.
Electric cars are becoming popular in England.  There are even charging stations on some streets.
Making a living sometimes means playing music on a street.
At Buckingham Gate and Victoria Street, you'll find the Greene King.  One of many popular pubs at night.
These are real gathering spots.
Each one has its own theme.
At Petty France and Palmer Street, you'll find Adam and Eve, busy in the evening hours. 
Patrons stand outside and converse with strangers.  Interesting!  A pint of ale please.

Now here is an interesting story.  The car is black, of course!
Mark and Paula stayed at St. Emin's Hotel,Autograph Collection
It is only a few blocks from the River Thames and a lot of other interesting spots.
A book was recently written about the place.  It tells the story of spies staying at St Emin's during WWI, WWII and the Cold War.
House of Spies, by Peter Matthews, is just becoming available on Amazon.  Mark and Paula picked up a copy at the hotel.
The book has good detail about how clandestine operations helped the Allies during WWI, WWII, and beyond. 
Mark said it is a bit difficult to read because of the way it is written, but worth the read.

Quote of the day:    It is an interesting world we live in.   Mark    < Back to previous story Ahead to next story >

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