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Sunday, June 2, 2018:  Well, there it was, the famous London Eye.  Paula gathered up her courage and said, "Let's go."
The gondolas were being loaded with about 20 people each.
Then up they went.  Looking down was a bit difficult for Paula.
Everyone wanted to take photos of the ride.
The River Thames and and the Hungerford Bridge were clearly visible from half way up on the Eye.
It was an amazing site for everyone.
The Thames from near the top.  Red tour busses could be seen on the Westminster Bridge.
It was a mere 443 feet to the top where they posed for a photo.  Nothing to it!
There are some rubber high-speed tour boats on the River Thames down below. 
Others preferred Kayaks that day.  Each to his own.
Then it was over.  Paula was happy she made it back to the ground safely.
It was time for dinner at a local pub to talk over the exploits of the day. 
 Then it was back to St. Ermin's Autograph Collection Hotel for the night.

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