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         The life and times of Mark and Paula Persons
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Museum of Broadcasting
Monday, August 28, 2017:  Mark and Paula headed to the Minnesota State Fair.
They weren't there five minutes before they found people were already eating corn dogs, a fair favorite!

The DNR fish pond is a huge attention getter.  Lots of fish species to figure out.

Mark shook hands with his long time personal friend Smokey Bear.
Smokey made Mark promise to always put out campfires until they are cold.
Dancers were nearby having a wonderful time. 


The fair was alive with music everywhere. 

Did you ever wonder who runs the sound at events like this? 
It is trained technicians who help craft the sound for your listening pleasure.

Then there was a milking demonstration..  Hold still Bessie.  Oops, she has some business to do first!

Squeeze and pull to milk a cow.  See, it wasn't that difficult after all.    

Then the horses arrived.  Beautiful animals.

This event was a Six Horse Hitch.  Well trained animals.  See how they raise their hooves.

An owner could have as much as $50,000 tied up in the horses and a wagon.  Horses eat heartily too.

For the average Joe, it was polka dancing. 

This hand-made wood sailboat was very well done and a marvel to see.

Then there were virtual reality goggles to try out.

Interesting what you might see through them.

This 14 year old lad was juggling sharp knives.  Watch it, they're sharp!!!

Then these ladies were beating drums with a lot of enthusiasm.

There were two overhead cable car rides at the fair. 

Horse judging was going on at the Coliseum.  Note the long tail on this horse.

Lots of music everywhere.  Some were looking for tips to pay their way.

The music brought out emotion in at least one loving couple who were spellbound.

Then it was off to the midway where people were on high rides were screaming the whole time.

Some midway game players did well.

New York New York is a real thrill for kids.

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