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Museum of Broadcasting
Tuesday, August 29, 2017:  Mark and Paula headed back to the Minnesota State Fair for Military Appreciation Day.
There was a flag raising ceremony with speeches honoring military veterans past and present.

The Minnesota National Guard 34th Infantry Division Red Bull Band performed.

They do a very nice job.

There was patriotic singing to the delight of the crowd.

Military helicopters flew over and later a group of seven retired military planes flew above the parade

Nicely done parade led by the military.

Have you ever seen one of these on your street?

Paula was a clarinet player while in high school.

Mark was glad that Paula was not a drum player.

How do that get up on those stilts?....And, how do they get down?

Then it was up on the Space Tower to see the fair from above.  Very interesting. 
Hard to keep a camera still when your hands are shaking!

Mark enjoys watching live radio shows.  In this case it was WCCO, 830 AM, at their booth on Carnes Avenue. 

Ever tried standing on a log in water?  How about juggling fire sticks while standing on a ladder?

Then it was off to the Great Big Wheel, a new attraction this year.  The thing is 156 feet tall.  You get two revolutions for $5.

Dad assured his skeptical daughter that it was perfectly safe...even when the ground is a long ways away.

People on the fair grounds look like ants.

Riders could even see downtown Minneapolis, way in the distance.

The Fine Arts Building was showing many artisans at work.

Some were skate boarding while others were resting after having one of Sara's Tipsy Pies.

Then it was up on the Sky Glider.  No floor, just a gate to keep people in their seats.

Yes, it is a long ways down.  Lots to see from up there while the feet are resting.

One T-shirt instructed fair goers on how to pick up chicks.  Mark was wondering about that!

Lots of fine mist kept people cool on a hot days.

Music was everywhere. 
Fair attendance this year was the highest ever for the ten day event.  Some 1,997,320 people.  That's almost 2 million. 

Quote of the day:    Can't wait till next year.   Mark    < Back to previous story Ahead to next story >

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