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         The life and times of Mark and Paula Persons
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Monday, August 14, 2017:  Mark showed up at Rainy Lake Houseboats, near International Falls, MN.
Rainy Lake borders Canada on the north side.

He, and fourteen other military veterans boarded two houseboats and set off on Rainy Lake for a fishing expedition.
One veteran was from WWII, another from Korea, three from Kuwait/Iraq/Afghanistan conflicts and the rest from the Vietnam War.
Mark is a Vietnam veteran.


They passed other fishermen and women.  U.S. Navy retired guys piloted the boats.  It is what they know well.

The weather was a little overcast, but just fine.  Lots of islands in the lake.

They put ashore about five miles from the starting point.  Then it was time for lunch.  Watch it!

Going out on the water was the next priority.  

Well, a few small ones were caught that day.

Plenty of time to talk about fishing and how it was in the service to our country years ago.
(l-r) Dominick is a Korean veteran.  Paul was a U.S. Marine in WWII, going ashore on Peleliu in 1944.

A fire was tended as nightfall came.  A warm and welcome site.

Fog rose off the water just before sunrise the next morning.

Then they were off to various parts of the lake to find fish.

Mark was extra careful, wearing a life preserver. 

Many small fish were caught from boats and from ashore.

No fish that night for dinner, but chicken and fries were on the menu.  Great stuff.
Then it was time to contemplate the world.

A deer showed up to check out the crew the next morning. 

That's when a large stringer of fish was brought in.  It seems morning and evening are best for fishing around there.

Most of the fish caught were Northern.  Those fish are known for having a lot of bones, making them difficult to eat.
Event Coordinator John Carson knew how to clean them with a minimum of bones left in the meat.   

It rained on Thursday so many of the guys stayed indoors to play cards. 

The weather cleared later in the day so the fish could be eaten after being deep fried.  Absolutely terrific.  Just a few bones.

The guys sat around and told more stories as the sun was setting.

The talking continued into the night house.  Some things can't be told to wives and girl friends.

The houseboats boats were a welcome home after a long day outdoors.

Sunrise the next morning was a golden color, probably from forest fires in Canada.

Ten guys had time for a group shot in the early morning sun. 

The fishing trip was over on Friday morning.  All good things must come to an end.
One last long look at this paradise as the houseboats headed back to port.

Quote of the day:    I can now take this off my bucket list.   Mark    < Back to previous story Ahead to next story >

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