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Thursday, August 10, 2017: 
and Paula toured the USS Cobia, a WWII submarine at the Wisconsin Maritime Museum in Manitowoc, WI.
It served admirably, sinking six Japanese ships with a total of 16,835 tons.
This submarine is identical in design to many submarines that were produced in this Wisconsin location.  

The four forward torpedo tubes with spare torpedoes ready.  Bunk beds are above the torpedoes.

The sub has many controls, taking as many as 40 men to run them.

Additional controls.  It is 100 times more difficult than driving a car.

Learning the complex systems must have been a real challenge.

Food came from the small galley. 
Fresh food was available for just a week or so, then it was canned or processed food for the remaining part of a 75 day patrol.


The dining mess was a busy place with seating for just a few. 
There was a radio for sailors to listen to broadcasts from the United States or Japan's Tokyo Rose.


Yes, there were pin-up photos to remind the men what they were fighting for.

Still more controls.

Submarines of this type were called "pig boats" because there was only enough water for each man to shower just 60 seconds each week.
Needless to say, the men smelled bad.  However, they got the job done by sinking huge amounts of enemy vessels to win the war.


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