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         The life and times of Mark and Paula Persons
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Thursday, August 10, 2017:  Mark and Paula were on the east shore of Lake Michigan at Ludington.
Their travel plans included a crossing of the lake on the S.S. Badger, a car ferry built in 1952.
She is 410 feet long, 4244 gross tons, steams at 24 miles per hour, is rated to carry 180 cars and 620 passengers.

Yes, There's Paula's car being driven onto the ship.

Then then the mighty Badger pulled away from the dock with the captain on the bridge.

She navigated through the Ludington port and out into Lake Michigan.

The weather was a little overcast and just below 70 degrees so many passengers were on deck.  

The interesting part is the Badger is the last coal powered vessel in the United States. 
It has old technology that has been updated to be as clean burning as possible.  She runs great.

Passengers spent much of their time looking out onto the lake.  Some slept as Ludington faded into the distance.

Many kids were below deck playing video games. 

The Cruise Director Leah was there on a 1950s style ship phone.  Just think of her as Julie on the TV series Love Boat.
She was named after Princess Leia on Star wars, but with a different spelling.

Mark tried to tell passengers he was at the controls of the Badger when they knew better!

Many passengers stayed inside talking, eating, and playing cards.  Note the cards were from the S.S. badger.

Some stayed outside looking for land.  At least one entertained herself with a crossword puzzle.  Anything to pass the time.  

Land Ho!  Yes land was sighted.  It was Manitowoc, WI.  The trip took four hours.

The First Mate worked controls from the stern (back) of the ship to bring her into a dock.

A bird came out to see who arrived.  Motorcycles were the first off the ship.  Drivers were happy to be on dry land again. 
Mark and Paula remember crossing Lake Michigan back in 2010 on the Lake Express high-speed ferry.

Quote of the day:    It was a fun trip.   Mark    < Back to previous story Ahead to next story >

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