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         The life and times of Mark and Paula Persons
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Sunday, July 23, 2017:  Garrison Days in Garrison, Minnesota.

Plenty to do including baseball.

Some lively dancers were having a great time. 

An antique car show was a part of the celebration.

A 1920s Ford with two rag dolls.  Still runs great.....after almost 100 years.   Yes, the owner drives it to local shows.

Cars came in all shapes and condition including this "rat rod" with a pitchfork pointed at the radiator.
Not a good situation in an accident!


A 59 Ford Fairlane Hard Top Convertible.  Nice.

Paula liked this hot rod.  Mark said it was too hot for her!
It seems Paula has a birth defect.  Her right foot is twice as heavy as her left.  That explains why she SPEEDS!

Then there was this 1956 Dodge.  Mark remembers his grandparents had one that was pink and black in color. 
Those were popular colors at the time.  They had a pink and black bathroom in their home as well.

Mark drove his grandparents around Minnesota, starting just after he received his driver's license in his high school years.

Then Treasure Hunter Paula had the bright idea to try out her new metal locator on family property in Garrison.
She is fourth generation Garrison/Brainerd with relatives throughout the area. 
(l-r) Uncle Jack Scott and cousin Bob
Scott were placing bets on what she might find.

It wasn't long before Paula came up with a 1956 Lincoln Penny and an old fork. 
Paula was two years old when the penny was minted.

Here is the treasure she brought back home from her adventure that day. 
It included a chewing tobacco can.
They gazed in amazement as traffic was moving at less than 20 miles per hour headed south to the Twin Cities at 4 pm.

Quote of the day:    Living in the Brainerd area is a good thing.   Mark    < Back to previous story Ahead to next story >

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