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         The life and times of Mark and Paula Persons
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Monday, July 31, 2017:  Well, Paula has ANOTHER hobby.  She now goes "Privy Digging" to find old bottles etc.
On family property near Garrison, MN, she spent time digging about five feet down where an outhouse used to be.  

Fortunately the privy had not been use for at least 40 years. 
There was no smell and apparently it is safe to dig in those locations.
To locate the treasure, Privy Paula used a six-foot long, 3/8" diameter probe with T-handle.  
Then she had the dirty job of cleaning the treasures at home.  
The result was numerous bottles to start this collection.  Inscriptions on the bottles say, "Federal law prohibits re-use of this bottle." 
Apparently the bottles were made in a time when everyone repurposed bottles and other
items around the home.
The larger ones are pint and half pint size. 
The paper labels are missing so we don't know what the contents were way back then.  There was an eye dropper in one of the bottles.

After cleaning up, Deep Diver Paula was trying out some near gear.  The yellow bottle is referred to as a "Pony Tank."  It is extra air for diving deep. 
She tried it out on Gilbert Lake to get used to the configuration in safe shallow water before taking it out for real.

The Minnow has a ladder at the stern so she can climb aboard after being in the water.
Yes, Mark thinks Paula was a fish in a previous life.  She loves the water.
Most lake residents know o stay above the surface when plying the waters of Gilbert.
Some like to dance on the water.
Back on shore, Mark and Paula spotted this butterfly collecting nectar from flowers.
Sunset that evening was brightly colored.

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