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Museum of Broadcasting
Saturday, May 6, 2017:  A motorcycle with unusual antennas and a parking lot of cars with similar attachements. 
It must be the annual Duluth/Superior annual Hamfest put on by the Arrowhead Amateur Radio Club.

Plenty of people here looking for bargains including a few women.  Ham Radio is not just a man's hobby.
Here's a vintage item for only $1.00, a genuine RCA AM receiving antenna that promises noise reduction.   
There's Tim Verthein KC0JEZ from Grand Rapids, MN, with his latest treasure. 
Tim is also an announcer on KOZY/KMFY Radio in Grand Rapids. 
The hamfest made everyone hungry so it was off to the Anchor Bar.  Paula was there first at the door.  She likes to eat.
The crew that noon consisted of (l-r) Cletus Makowski KB0LBS from Cotton, MN, Harold Bramstedt W0ANH, from Grand Marais, MN, Mark W0MH, Paula, W0HA, Karen Makowski N0WEZ, and Nancy Bramstedt, the only one in the group who is not yet an amateur radio opeator.  The talk was all about making contact with hams across the world. 

Quote of the day:    Ham Radio is a fascinating hobby.   Mark    < Back to previous story Ahead to next story >

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