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Saturday, April 15, 2017:  The Annual Brainerd City Easter Egg Hunt was held at Gregory Park. 
The Brainerd Noon Rotary Club provided volunteers and money for candy to be given away that day. 
In addition, Rotary Interact students helped with the event.
Yes, they filled bags with candy to give to youngsters.
Paula, in the Positive Charge shirt, is the coordinator for the event.  (l-r) Even Brainerd Mayor Ed Menk and Brainerd Rotary President Jeff Torfin helped. 
First, plastic Easter eggs were distributed throughout the park.  A fun job.
Local royalty showed up to see and be seen with the Easter Bunny.
Then the bunny posed for photos with youngsters.
It was a real treat for parents who wanted their kids to be seen with the bunny.
Then it was time for the young ones to collect the plastic eggs.
The job was a fun one.
Just one colored egg per bucket.
Then the eggs were brought back to the starting point.
The reward was a bag of candy for each youngster.
The Easter Bunny continued to stay around to pose for photographs. 
Yes, the bunny ears are real!
Then the bunny headed to offer candy and hugs to local assisted living facilities around Brainerd.

Quote of the day:    The Easter Bunny is everywhere.   Mark    < Back to previous story Ahead to next story >

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