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Museum of Broadcasting
Saturday, April 1, 2017:  Last year at this time it was reported that Smell-O-Vision had been invented.  The product has not yet come to the marketplace, but now innovators are planning on adding Taste-O-Vision to the technology.  Developers hope that this new feature will make the high cost of the television super-product more palatable! 

The downside is that viewers will need to have a wide popsicle stick like device in their mouths whenever they want to experience Taste-O-Vision.  Details on the tongue end of the device are "top secret" so no photos are allowed. 

Dubbed "The Gadget," by the lab crew, it, has a four-wire cable leading to an electronics package.  They promise to make a wireless version in the near future.

Attention Investors:  This is the wave of the future.  Get on the bandwagon now and make millions by being a part of this cutting-edge technology.  See you at the top!

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