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Friday, March 31, 2017:  The neighbor dog, Sadie, ventured out over thin ice on Gilbert Lake only to fall in about 30 feet from shore. 
Fortunately, Deep Diver Paula was nearby.  She quickly donned a dry suit and jumped into the cold water, breaking though the ice. 
Neighbor Claire Sinner put a canoe on the ice and used a piece of firewood as a ram to break ice ahead of Paula.
Then Paula went out to rescue Sadie who was frantically treading water.
Yes, the water was going everywhere including onto Paula.
The dog was fine and all was well in the end.  Hopefully Sadie learned from this experience. 
Paula, does this count as your "first" SCUBA dive of the year?
Ice completely melted from this part of Gilbert Lake by the next morning. 
Paula posted two of the photos on her Facebook and had 59 likes, along with 37 comments, a day later.

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