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Saturday, March 4, 2017:  Over 500 people gathered at Breezy Point Resort for a Polar Plunge 
It is one of 23 such events held around Minnesota by law enforcement to raise money for Special Olympics.

Part of the gathering was a costume contest. 
Even super heroes showed up to compete.  Hmmm...maybe they are the real items.
Teams of people including this Circus group was there.  Nicely done. 
Even Snow White was there with the seven dwarfs, including sleepy!
Looks like these came in from the Southwest.
They went to a lot of trouble this year
Winning the team costume competition was Brainerd VFW Post 1647 
Post Gambling Manager Chuck Hanson dressed as a woman that day.

The money raised goes to the Special Olympics helping these and many others with disabilities.   
Then it was time to jump into the water through a hole cut in the ice.  What a shock!  The water was COLD!!!!!
Soon it was time for Chuck Hanson and his daughter Bergen.  She delighted in seeing the man ahead.
Let me out of here!
Bergen jumped in last year and said she wouldn't do it again, but somehow mustered up the courage to do it again.  Congratulations.
Lots of cold wet people that day.  The theme of the day was, "freezin for a reason."  
In total, there was 275 jumpers, including super moms, raising $75,000 for this charity event.  Good going!
Several million dollars were raised across the state last year.


Quote of the day:    It was all for a good cause.   Mark    < Back to previous story Ahead to next story >

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