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Museum of Broadcasting
Friday, February 3, 2017:  This week marks the 75th Anniversary of the Voice of America
Built during the depths of World War II, VOA was a beacon of hope to the world by broadcasting news to foreign countries from America.
The tower in the center was manned by soldiers during WWII. 
Much of it was in foreign languages, the language of the countries it was broadcasting to.
The news was unbiased, even when it did not favor the the United States.  Listeners knew they were hearing the truth.
Mark and Paula toured the VOA facility at Bethany, Ohio, last year.  It is now a history site as the transmitters were turned off about ten years ago.
The control room that ran five transmitters, in many languages, stands still after 65 years of service to the world.
Broadcast Engineer Mark Persons is seen here with one of the 1960s vintage 250 KW shortwave transmitters that replaced one of the original 1940s 200 KW transmitters.
Combined with highly directional antennas, the facility was able to direct the equivalent of 2 million watts of radio power to Europe or elsewhere in the world as desired.

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