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Monday, January 30, 2017:  Middle of winter with temperatures hovering around zero degrees is a good time to defrost the food freezer at Gilbert Lodge.
Yes, it was time for this chore.  Some freezers are auto defrosting, but not nearly as energy efficient as non-defrosting types as this one is.
Frozen food went into boxes and then outside where there was no chance of it going bad in 5 degree temperatures.
Then an electric milk house heater ran hot air into the freezer.  The ice soon gave up. 
Final cleanup happened with an electric hair dryer and sponges to pick up water.
Chef Paula even found items in the freezer that she forgot she had. 
Food was thoughtfully and logically stocked in the now-clean freezer. 
All was well again so great food can be served at Gilbert Lodge, even is some of it had been frozen.

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