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Friday, November 11, 2016:  Veterans Day in Brainerd, Minnesota.  
The Pledge of Allegiance at Riverside Elementary School was lead by Uncle Sam, assisted by the school principal.  
There was marvelous patriotic music by the students.
Some students gave their praise to veterans and thanked them for their service.

There were ceremonies at the Brainerd High School and a speech by retired U.S. Air Force General Bruce Carlson. 
He told of the courage and commitment of millions of men and women who have made it possible for us to have a free country.

General Carlson is originally from the Brainerd Lakes area. 
The Brainerd High School combined Wind Symphony, Chamber Orchestra, Varsity Choir, Bards, Concert Chorale, and A Cappella Choirs put on patriotic music. 
Exceptionally well done.
Lots of excited people. 
There were probably 100 veterans in attendance.  Many brought wives.  They agreed it was well done.
Lots of flags.  Some when home on student backpacks. 

Over at Applebee's in Baxter, veterans received a free meal.  There was even a table for those who haven't returned. 
On this extremely busy day, the restaurant set aside the table to tell the prisoner of war/missing in action story. 
Other restaurants offering meals to veterans that day included Perkins and Olive Garden. 

Emails to Mark Persons, U.S. Army Sergeant in Vietnam 1968-69:

Hello All: Happy Veterans Day to all my favorite veterans.  Hopefully with the new president, respect will return for vets especially the real heroes like my father who was a naval communications officer in the battle of the north Atlantic pre-WW2 on the Chateau Thierry (named after an incredibly bloody engagement of WW1- 18 July 1918).  Nazi U-boats were cruising the ocean sinking mainly freighters at will, including US shipping in this pre-war limbo. The modus operandi was to leave no survivors, which might cloud the political narrative .... very scary time.  My late brother Al was a tank commander in Korea mainly supporting the infantry in combat and guarding isolated mountain passes. He almost died suffering with dysentery dropping to under 100 pounds before he could be pulled out for treatment.  Blain Ruby, who back in my college days, was a roadie for my rock band and already at 18,  a skilled cabinet maker.  He made me a beautiful rose mahogany finish speaker cabinet for my custom amplifier.  Every time I look at it, I feel the loss.  His only recognition for all to know him is his name on the Vietnam Memorial Wall.   Blain was killed in a fire fight at just 19.  Best to all, Charles "Buc" Fitch in Avon, Connecticut.
Mark:  Thank you for your service!  Mark Anderson, Bemidji, Minnesota.

On behalf of the Society of Broadcast Engineers officers, board, and national office, I want to thank every SBE member who is a veteran or still on active duty for your service to our country. As a veteran myself, I understand the significance of this day, and today we honor you.  Jerry Massey, President of SBE.

Mark, Happy Veterans Day Mark, and thanks for your service.  Dave Cox, Brainerd, Minnesota.

Thank you Sir for your service.  Sherry Mohr, Brainerd, Minnesota.

I thought of you on Veterans Day, Mark, and want to offer my thanks for your service to our country.  Take care, Karen Engen, Brainerd, Minnesota.

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