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Tuesday, September 20, 2016:  Sunrise over lake Superior at Grand Marais, Minnesota.  An orange glow from the sun lit up the shoreline.
Yes, lots of people get up early just to see and photograph the sunrise.
Beachcomber Paula was down by the water looking for agates and sea glass.  No stone goes unturned when she is around.
Then the sun shown brightly over the water for everyone to admire.
Even kayakers were out plying the water that morning.
Grand Marais is a bird's paradise at the water's edge.  They love the place.
Paula decided to go out to Artist's Point where artists hold an annual competition to see who can create the most interesting painting of the scene.
Lake superior is on lava rock from a million years ago.  Rock is broken up every year by rain and ice.  A channel was created this way. 
Leave it to Photobug Paula to find just the right camera angle on this one.
Another view from Artist's Point looking back at the breakwater lighthouse.
Yes, evidence that people have been here leaving designs on the rock.  Fun to see the results of creative minds.
Speaking of creative minds, who came up the this place?  Definitely an out-of-the-box thinker!
Mark and Paula did not see any moose while there, but did enjoy driving around to see the scenery.
You can't hardly look in any direction without seeing photographers enjoying their hobby.
The harbor lit up as sunset approached.
Then it was time to look for dinner.  The Angry Trout was their choice that night. 
My Sister's Place is also highly rated and approved by the Dynamic Duo.

The chef at the Angry Trout is proud of his work.  Rightfully so.
The big menu item at most Grand Marais restaurants is whitefish from Lake Superior.  A very good choice even if you are trying to loose weight.
Boats were in and anchored for the day.  Then the sky glowed after sunset to show its approval.

Quote of the day:    Grand Marais is a resting spot.   Mark    < Back to previous story Ahead to next story >

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