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Thursday, September 1, 2016:  Hmmmm...what kind of a car is that?  Let's follow and find out.
Well, it is Jerry Niesen from Brainerd, a Korean War veteran.  He likes to work on and drive vintage Ford vehicles. 
The car is a 1924 Ford that has been modified to be a short-bed pickup truck.   
Its 20 horse, 4-cylinder, engine pushes the car along at up to 40 miles per hour, that's pioneering spirit. 
There is even a wind direction indicator on site that cranks a car engine.  My how things have changed over the years. 
It's called the Thunderbolt, a 1927 custom race car with an antique Ford 4-cylinder engine on a Ford chassis.  The thing could reach a whopping 60 miles per hour back in the late 1920s. 
The young guy is Lon Smith, Jerry's helper.  He is looking over an engine rebuild in progress.
Lon is a patriotic guy.  He likes Fords and wants to be a truck driver.  Nice guy.

Quote of the day:    Always fun to meet people and talk about old cars.   Mark    < Back to previous story Ahead to next story >

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