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Museum of Broadcasting
Monday, April 12, 2016:.....Mark's 69th birthday.  Where was he on this sunny day? 
Out directing a tower crew at a local radio broadcast transmitter site. 
Where else would he be?  The yellow caution sign on the left warns of high RF radiation.
The big guy on the left is Joel Thompson of Dietz Brothers, Professional Tower Hands. 

Of the many birthday wishes, here are just a few:

Mark: Yup, it’s all about you today, and while Paula caters to your every whim, that’ll be nothing compared to what she’ll be doing for your really
 BIG one next year!  Enjoy your last year in the 60’s!!  What we’re trying to say is, Happy Birthday, Mark!  Wish we were there to celebrate with you and who knows what we’d see when we look out the restaurant (of your choice) window!!!!  Jerry and Cathy Collins at Lake San Marcos, California.

Hoping you have a memorable birthday.  Savor each day for the gift it is, Happy Birthday.  Bob and Ruth Milloch, Brainerd, Minnesota.

Your not quite there but closing fast, Keep up the good  work; its straight ahead do not turn right or left, up or down, you can't miss it !!!  Happy birthday!   Dave Schaeffer, the one who knows, Brainerd, Minnesota.

Happy Birthday, Mark!  Linda Baun, Wisconsin Broadcasters Association.

Hey Mark!  Happy Birthday  If I was closer by, I would bring you a Scotch.  Mark Anderson, KBUN Radio, Bemidji, Minnesota.

Happy Birthday! George Nicholas, Director of Engineering, NRG Media, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Happy Birthday Mark!  Many wonderful returns on the day.  73, Your Friends at Quarter Century Wireless Association.

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