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         The life and times of Mark and Paula Persons

Saturday, September 1, 2012:  Mark and Paula attended the wedding of Matthew James Brahm and Alisa Rose Lingwall in Eagle, Wisconsin.
It was held on the Kettle Moraine Ranch, which is a popular spot for weddings.

Paula and animals are attracted to each other.

The bride checked her makeup in a mirror.

Emma Brahm-Gifjum spread rose pedals in the path that the bride would take.

Then Craig Lingwall, father of the bride, escorted Alisa down the isle.


The wedding ceremony went off without a hitch.


Yes, they were hitched to the applause of everyone. 

We wish them well.

There were plenty of pork ribs and chicken done BBQ style. 
The wedding cake was decorated to look like tree logs. 
Enthusiastic dancing lasted throughout the evening. 

Quote of the day:  A fun time was had by all.   Mark    < Back to previous story Ahead to next story >

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