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               The Gilbert Lodge Blog from Brainerd, MN, USA

June 1, 2008: 

A 76-foot stately Norway Pine tree died and needed to be taken down. 

The other trees are doing well on the Gilbert Lodge grounds.


It didn't take too long to put the mighty tree on the ground.
Here he is, Mark "Paul Bunyan" Persons with his trusty chainsaw.  It was no minor feat felling and cutting this tree. 

The tree was 20 inches in diameter near the base.  Mark was quoted as saying, "Whew!"

The wood will be used in the Grand Fireplace at Gilbert Lodge.

June 2, 2008:

The mighty ship, "The Minnow," takes Gilbert Lodge visitors around Gilbert Lake. 

Along the way, four geese are seen along the shore.
June 3, 2008:

Paula's Dulcimer group meets at Gilbert Lodge for a jam session.   

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