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               The Gilbert Lodge Blog from Brainerd, MN, USA

May 12, 2008:  The dock was installed at Gilbert Lodge.

May 15, 2008:  Less than three weeks after a spring snowfall the Minnow is being delivered to Gilbert Lodge on Gilbert Lake.  Mark Kruse, from Brainerd Sports and Marine, disconnects the mighty craft from a towing trailer while Mark "The Skipper" Persons takes the controls of the Minnow. 

The skies are looking like like spring rain so Paula "Gilligan" Persons spreads a cover over the Minnow.  Later, the first thunder of the season is heard as spring rains sweeps through the area. 
May 19, 2008: Chef Paula is cooking "Beer Can Chicken."  The recipe involves placing a whole chicken over a partially-filled can of beer and then putting the combination on a Bar-B-Q.  Paula is using a thermometer to check the chicken to make sure it is done.
Success!!  The chicken is served in the Grand Dining Room at Gilbert Lodge along the baked beans and potato salad.  What a way to celebrate the beginning of summer.   
May 19, 2008: Spring is also the time to plant flowers.  Here is Paula planting some near the entrance to Gilbert Lodge.
"Timber!"  While Paula is busy planting flowers, Mark "Paul Bunyan" Persons is cutting trees for firewood with a chainsaw.  Yes, those are 21-inch diameter tree sections.  Some have taken to calling Gilbert Lodge the "Ponderosa of Brainerd."   

Note the wheelbarrow that has two front wheels.  This make hauling wood and other items much easier.     

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