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Thursday, June 9, 2022: 
About fifteen people were at the Minnesota School of Diving, preparing to go out for a SCUBA dive that evening.
Tom Mattson explained some important information while two new young lady divers watched.

Twenty five minutes later they were at Mangan Pit, a lake near Crosby, Minnesota.
Dive shop owner Todd Mathies gave details about the dive site and what to look for underwater.

Then they started heading for the water.

Last checks and adjustments before going under.

Corey Hias was the chef that night to feed hungry divers when they return.

Meanwhile, others were using the lake.

Corey looked out for returning divers, but saw none except for one person on a paddle board.

Then the first divers surfaced after 45 minutes underwater.

Lines on their faces are from the tight-fitting masks.

The two young ladies were happy after their first dives.

Then it was time for food!  This is what divers eat for dinner.

Collections of what was found and broght up.  This ammunition magazine was turned over to the
Crow Wing County Sherrif's Office, in case it might have been involved in a crime.

Two groups discussed what they found undwater.

Paula told others of the size of fish down there.  One diver disputed her claim.

The lake reflected light clouds on its calm surface.

The moon came out on a clear sky that evening.

It was time to fill out paperwork after returning to the dive shop.

Then it was off to the Last Turn to talk diving.

Bill LaCroix and Paula are great dive friends.

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