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Saturday, July 4, 2020:  Gilbert Lake had a lot of boats on the water going somewhere.

More and more showed up near Ahren's Hill for the first annual Gilbert Lake Boat Parade.

They were decorated for Independence Day.

Most with a patriotic theme.

One had a palm tree and another looked like it was owned by horse racing fans.

They just kept coming.

Then the BIG one showed up.  It was three pontoon boats tied together to make one huge entry.
The two main outboard engines are 300 horsepower Evenrudes.

Aye, there were pirates aboard.  Arg!

The National Anthem was played.  Everyone put their hands over their hearts.
Then the parade started and headed south along the east shore of Gilbert Lake.

Plenty of spectators along the way.

In all, there were about twenty boats in the parade.

One of the boats was decroated and piloted by Mark Persons.  Photo by Karen Koltes Hietpas. 
Mark dressed in a U.S. Army uniform, which he had not worn since leaving Army 51 years ago.
The best he could figure is that the uniform shrank a bit because he could no long button the coat.
Some said he should get an award for the best-dressed boat captain!

In the end, Ahoy America won the Best Dressed Boat Award.  Congratulations John Linn.

Email July 5, 2020:  Hi: Nice job on the blog.  Don Ryan
Email July 5, 2020:
  Mark, Really nice coverage of the events, Mark.  Great enthusiasm from folks about the holiday.  It was all so much fun and good for our lake community. Karen Koltes Hietpas
Email July 5, 2020:  Thanks Mark, for the wonderful pictures.  You did a great job putting them on the website and adding the captions.  Ralph Fischer

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