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Wednesday, August 28, 2019:  More from the Minnesota State Fair.  The great Minnesota get-together.
The place draws huge crowds.  Record show that some 2.1 million people attended this year.
You can see the Minneapolis skyline in the background.
Plenty of music everywhere.
Mixed in with all the music was an artisan trying to blow glass.
These musicians put on a show remembering the Beatles.
Everyone wanted to see the butter sculptures.  Butter is a major product in Minnesota.
The Space Tower awaits those brave enough to go up to see the sights.
Minneapolis is in the top right and St. Paul is on the middle right.
It is amazing who shows up for the fair.
The Giant Sing Along was new this year.  It gave people a chance to show their singing talents.
Who could pass up bacon like this?
Yes, a fair can wear out a person!

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