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Tuesday, August 27, 2019:  The Minnesota State Fair continues.
Plenty of candy, ice cream, music and dancing.
Yes, lots of food choices too.
Mark and Paula went to the WCCO-TV area to see the video, "Since We Last Met." 
It was about the crew at WCCO and what they go through to do their jobs.
Speaking of jobs, who would want these?
Overhead rides and Chicago Dogs were a hit at the fair.  Imagine that, at "hot dog" cap!
Then there was the "Great Big Wheel."  Some 156 feet high, it carried a lot of passengers.....some a bit scared.
Plenty to see in the grand stand building.
They it rained and hailed a bit.
The weather cleared in time for the 2 pm parade.
More to see and hear after the parade.
Always fun to see a caricature artist at work.
Then there were these performers in an open area.  One jumped over a group of people to the delight of the crowd.
Even Elvis showed up to entertain.
One of the big hits every year is Sweet Martha's chocolate chip cookies.  They sell them by the bucket load!
A big attraction in the midway is New York, New York.
Winners triumph.
They day finally came to an end as the sun went down.

Quote of the day:    Love the MN Fair.   Mark    < Back to previous story Ahead to next story >

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