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Saturday, August 3, 2019: 
It was the annual canoe run down the Mississippi River from Kiwanis Park in Brainerd to Crow Wing State Park
Brainerd Riverfront is an organization
with the goal to "Maximize our Riverfront" for all to enjoy.
And away they went.
Nest stop, Crow Wing State Park, about 8 miles and 2-1/2 hours downriver. 
In they come.
More canoes.
In all, eleven canoes and kayaks participated in the event.
Some say the hardest part of canoeing or kayaking is getting out of the canoe without falling in the water!
Once ashore, they were confronted by pioneers dating back to the 1700s where our flag had 13 stars.
Bob Nelson has been restoring guns to their former glory for many years doing extensive research first.
It is amazing what was available 200 years ago.

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